Let’s talk about Fantastic Beasts Dumbledore

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I’m going to show you the essentials for this entire costume and also close-up images that I took at the Warner Bros Studio Tour, The Making of Harry Potter

I wanted to wear this particular costume because I wanted to go as Dumbledore Halloween

and also I had the privilege of attending the Crimes of Grindelwald premiere

now I didn’t only just want to dress up as Dumbledore which is…

he’s my favourite character by the way

I knew that the designer Colleen Atwood was actually going to be at the premiere so I really didn’t want to just blend in I really wanted to stand out.

so if anyone saw what I was wearing, it had to be right

so this is why I went and got such incredible detail

around about November, finding out that the costumes were just added to the Warner Bros Studio Tour

I thought I had to get myself down there and get some photos

so with the help of a friend I managed to get in quite last minute

and was able to take some really good close-up photos and this is what I found

apparently this is a Pieroni hat which is a custom designed hat that was in style of the 1920’s 1930’s hat, which is completely different to anything I’ve seen

I couldn’t figure out what kind of had this was if it was like a trilby hat or a pork pie hat,

because it’s split in three sections and all of these like, which I thought were corduroy, were actually stitches

so it’s almost got like a circular pattern of stitches around it, which is just incredible

but impossible to find a replica so I had to find something that was just kind of similar to that and I went for corduroy

which is why my hat is like that and then obviously just the blue ribbon

going down, you can see this is quite a plain white shirt, that has a little bit of a texture detail to that and he obviously has a suit as well

and looking at the tie

my tie is the completely wrong blue, because the blue that I had in mind when I obviously saw the photos

I couldn’t find one that was similar, it’s almost like a it’s like a greeny blue

and from what I heard from the tour, that this was a custom print, and it’s almost got like these drip marks on it – which again is why I couldn’t find it this particular tie anywhere

I mean I must’ve searched for hours trying to find the right type but this is why I couldn’t find it, because it was a custom print, so there we are

there were various images of this coat online and this is accurate because I actually took a swatch when I went to the tour to see the correct grey

I was able to take some photos of the very bottom of the coat to see what kind of lining it had and had a grey lining

so looking down at the shoes now these were absolutely amazing shoes

but there would be no way that I would be able to find shoes like this because these

obviously have a custom stitch I was like, yeah there’s no way I’m gonna find this

so I just try and find something similar and I was looking at like derby shoes

is it suede? is it just brown leather?

so I went for something that was kind of like that but then I was like, how am I gonna get the stitching pattern?

and it was actually my mum that came up with this clever idea, we found some, like a leather

like a leather bit of fabric, that was a close match to the shoes and then we stitched the pattern onto that

and then I once I cut it out and put it over the shoes, I then pinned it in place, so like having to pin it, pin it, pin it, pin it

and then glued like a bit of fabric around the edge to stop it like – to hide the pins

and then once I’ve cut it to the correct proportions, it looked fine so I was like, this is as good as it’s gonna get

this is good enough, I’m happy with this, let’s go with this

also looking at the trailer and some other reference photos we obviously see it it’s Dumbledore’s floating glove that points to himself on the on St. Paul’s for Newt to find him,

and we see a black glove so, Dumbledore wears black gloves as well so of course

I was going to find black gloves as well because if you haven’t seen the photos

from how I went to the premiere, I had like this floating glove like stuck on my hat

and I thought that was just funny so I had to get the glove

and hopefully people understood what that was and just this random person with a weird glove on his hat

but yeah that’s what I did so, just before the premiere as well

the Dumbledore wand came out which is an amazing replica I mean it’s metal, it’s got a leather effect, so if you want to complete this look you’ll have to get this wand, because it’s just, amazing!

not only did I managed to get this amazing coat made and a lot of effort went into making this coat

so I’m really really grateful to the family member that helped me make this but you know

I get, I was able to wear it to the premiere, I’m able to wear it to conventions now

which is so exciting and basically take living my wizard life to the next level, which is just you know, what I’m doing

I’m just trying to like, live in the Wizarding World

and this is totally achieved that, so I was like so so happy to go as Fantastic Beasts Dumbledore

that’s it for this week’s update

thank you very much for reading, I really hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Fantastic Beasts Dumbledore, and let me know in the comments section below which is your favourite item from this costume? I’d really like to know!

…as some of you know by now, the wizarding world is just one spell away

Rodney ✨

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