Looking for the perfect Harry Potter Birthday Card?

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It was a good friend’s birthday recently and I needed a birthday card

now she absolutely loves Harry Potter, just like me, so I wanted Harry Potter birthday card

but not something that’s gonna end up in recycling, a little while down the line

I wanted something that’s gonna stay around for quite some time…

I had heard from friends and family that it’s quite difficult to buy me Harry Potter stuff

because obviously I have so much stuff already

…what don’t I already have?

and I would say that buying for another Potterhead is just as tough

but the difference is I know a little bit more places to look

and also I know about new things that have come out, so it’s likely that I will discover things that another Potterhead probably wouldn’t know about and have already…

I uncovered these amazing cards and any of them can be used for a Harry Potter Birthday Card

just wait until you see how amazing they are

like, look for this Howler

it’s got the wording inside

it’s even got little bits of paper flying off the side

it’s like an iridescent red

honestly, I’m not sure how they managed this but it is incredible

fasten your seat belts there’s gonna be a bumpy ride boom boom!

I mean look at this amazing detail, there’s even

a little chandelier on the inside

with Knight Bus on the front

and if you look closely you can see

a hanging shrunken head and also Harry squished to the front of it

Platform 9 3/4

wherever your journey begins, let the magic take you there

I mean wow, it’s got Hogwarts castle on the front

it’s even got the engine number

Hogwarts Express

such detail, such amazing craftsmanship I mean

how on earth did this, how did they even think of this?

these cards are so cool!

So this is the only card that’s actually a happy birthday card

and this obviously says

in the style of Hagrid – Happy Birthday

and then when you open it it says

baked it myself words and all

Happee Birthdae Harry

now this one is – However you get there, just remember…mind that tree!

so cute, look it’s even got little leaves on

and then there’s a flying Ford Anglia that’s now crashed in the Whomping Willow

As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner this will be appropriate

because it says if I’m a keeper, then you’re a catch

and it’s got a beautiful snitch

and it even says

I open at the close on the front

Hogwarts itself

everything that you could hope for as a mini little Hogwarts, there’s a courtyard

and even if you turn it around, you can then see the rest of it

there’s the tower with all the moving staircases

like this is really the height of Harry Potter paper craft

like I would never be able to make anything like this because it’s just so amazing

I’d need like a machine, like a magic machine to do this

or just a cutting machine will work as well but magic machine is better…

All officially Harry Potter

and Insight Editions have really surpassed themselves with these creations like they are just

absolutely amazing!

but from the official site, they could only be ordered from the USA

so after contacting Pop Crafts and asking them where in the UK I could purchase them

they advised me that they were available from Amazon UK

and I did find them and I did order it even though there weren’t any images or any reviews or very much description of the items, I ordered with my credit card and they all arrived fine and I was over the moon

of course I was gonna buy every single one of these cards, that I could get my hands on

because they are absolutely incredible and not only did I find the perfect Harry Potter birthday card

but I know that this is gonna stay around in the person’s life because it’s really a keepsake

it’s not gonna end up in the recycling because it’s the amount of detail and craftsmanship that would have gone into this

now I know this is obviously made with machines and laser cut or

however they made it but it’s just it’s absolutely incredible

so I also got a card that would stay around for, I’m sure a very very long time

so that’s it for this week’s update

Thank you very much for reading, I really hope you’ve enjoyed, learning how to get the perfect Harry Potter birthday card

and I’ll leave links to all the products below

and as some of you know by now, the wizarding world is just one spell away

Howler Card
Knight Bus Card
Hogwarts Express Card
Happee Birthdae Harry Card
Whomping Willow Card
Snitch Card
Hogwarts Castle Card


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