Harry Potter Book Night is all about passing on the magic of JK Rowling’s amazing books

onto another generation of readers plus celebrating with devoted fans, like me

(want to watch this – check out Harry Potter Book Night)

this year’s theme is Hogwarts

incorporating magic from all seven of the Harry Potter books plus the Hogwarts companion books

muggles and magical folk alike can expect magical games and spellbinding activities

organising a Harry Potter Book Night can be quite tough because like…

what things will be included?

what’s the format it’s going to be taking, what activities gonna happen, how’s it going to be decorated?

I mean we all know Harry Potter already, but

this is introducing Harry Potter to a generation or people that may not

know anything about Harry Potter, so how are we going to do this without looking like a fool?

searching through the internet there are so many things that can be done, so which is the right one to do?

this is Bloomsbury’s fifth annual Harry Potter Book Night, so they have you covered

they have an event kit that contains invitation templates

a poster, plus tips, games, activities, quizzes and stickers

all to help you host an amazing Harry Potter Book Night and it’s all free

all you have to do to get this amazing kit is head over to www.harrypotterbooknight.com and grab it

because the book night is on the 7th February, it’s a little bit too late to still get the physical copy of this event kit

so this owl mail will be delivered digitally

so from the event kit you basically have to look through all the suggestions and decide what you have available

and how you can turn your Harry Potter Book Night into a magical occasion

we all know the magical power of number seven

so with this event kit you’ll learn seven magical steps to follow before the event

you’ll also learn the seven magical ways you can decorate your

event space into Hogwarts and also

the seven stages you can follow to make this event night amazing

this event kit will certainly give you peace of mind that you will be able to cater to all

and pass the magic on to

people that wouldn’t have experienced Harry Potter before

and my goodness how I envy these people that get to

discover Harry Potter for the first time and get to experience all that magic

that’s it for this week’s update

be sure to head to www.harrypotterbooknight.com to grab your digital event kit

and as some of you know by now, the Wizarding World is just one spell away

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